Irked Fresco residents point to STP water collecting outside society

Posted: Feb 24, 2018

In the absence of an outlet connection, the 2,500 residents of Fresco in Sector 50, Gurgaon, are having to deal with the menace of STP water collecting outside their society on a daily basis.  

The water released from the society STP collects outside the society, increasing the risk of water-borne diseases.

On a daily basis, approximately one lakh litre of water is released outside the society. The residents claim that the collection of water is a prime reason of mosquito breeding.

The town planning department, which will provide the outlet connections for STP water and stormwater, has not gone ahead with the work in the absence of occupation certificate (OC). And Unitech, despite its promises, has failed to provide occupation certificate for almost a year now.   

“It’s been almost a year that we were promised OC, and we are still waiting. There has been no response from the builder,” RWA president Nilesh Tandon complained.

The RWA, in the meantime, has taken the matter to the District Town Planning Department.

Tandon said, “Residents are extracting 20-22 crore litre of ground water every year. Unitech needs to lay the lines of canal, storm and sewer water. In the absence of a sewer line, the builder has been releasing the STP water just outside the society, which sometimes runs backs into the society. This is a big health hazard for residents staying at Fresco.”

Speaking on the issue, an official of the town planning department said, “We are aware of the issue and will solve the problem as soon as possible.”


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