Dwarka, Sector 6: Hooligans throw water balloons at girl; assault her
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Dwarka, Sector 6: Hooligans throw water balloons at girl; assault her

Passer-bys and residents have managed to nab the culprits and they have been handed over to the police. In the meantime, the girl who had fallen down after the assault, was taken to a hospital. 

Dwarka, Sector 6: Hooligans throw water balloons at girl; assault her

Every year a few weeks before Holi, the entire NCR turns into a pedestrian’s nightmare. For hooligans lurk in almost every residential and commercial street to ambush innocent passer-bys with water balloons. And these inflated balloons that are hurled with all the offender's might, often contain small stones and fragments of construction waste.

The subcity of Dwarka is no exception to this menace that happens in the guise of pre-Holi revelry.  Today, a teenage girl was hit on her stomach by three young men, when she retaliated (verbally) their action of pelting water balloons. The girl aged about 17, was walking near the petrol pump of Sector 6 (that is in the vicinity of Diamond Square Apartments) along with two of her girlfriends.  The hooligans who had arrived on a motorbike had also teased the girls while hitting them with the balloons.  As they were speeding away, the girl started shouting abuses at them. Enraged, the men took a U turn and came back to the spot to hit her.     

Fortunately, onlookers and local residents saved the girl. She was taken to the hospital by a resident of Sector 10, Nidhi Gupta. Speaking to City Spidey, Gupta said, “My husband is an eye witness to the incident.  Her bruises do not seem too serious. However, an ultrasound is being done at the hospital.”

After being hit by the hooligans the girl had fallen down. Her friends then started shouting and immediately local residents and passer-bys gathered around. They also managed to nab the culprits and handed them over to the cops. The vehicle too has been seized. Ashok Kumar, SHO Dwarka South, said, “We have seized the bike and caught the boys. Now after the statement of the girl, we shall start the legal proceedings.”

According to residents of the subcity, of late such incidents have particularly increased near government schools. People are sharing their views about this rising menace on social media groups and appealing to the police to increase patrolling before and during Holi.