Here is why the damaged roads of Dwarka are lying unrepaired…

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Feb 28, 2018

The damaged roads of Dwarka have not been repaired for a long time. Most of the Master Plan roads and internal roads of residential sectors are lying in shambles. So why have DDA, PWD or the Municipal Corporation not swung into action? Residents of the subcity say this is because there is not much coordination within various departments of these civic bodies. Moreover, there is a lack of communication between the three bodies too.     

SK Singh, a resident of Sector 12 said, “A particular stretch on Road Number 201 has been in a terrible shape for over a year. We know the repair work has got entangled in bureaucratic files.”

According to sources, the master plan roads have not been carpeted till now as PWD is still to take a formal handover from DDA. “The process of transferring these roads to PWD had been initiated sometime back. However, communications have got stalled. Given this roadblock, we too are not in a position to repair or carpet the roads,” said an official of DDA on condition of anonymity.

In a candid conversation with City Spidey, SN Singh, chief engineer DDA, said, “We are a agency committed to development. The onus of maintenance is not actually ours. So far we have maintained the roads and now these need to be handed over to the other agencies. We have sent letters to PWD about the transfer that is pending. However, they have not responded. The Municipal Corporation too is not forthcoming about maintaining the roads of the subcity.”

According to DDA tenders have been invited for reconstruction/repair of some damaged roads.


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