For these residents at Saya Zenith, life starts at 50

Photo: Manoj Rao
Posted: Mar 01, 2018

Every morning while I go down to drop my son at the bus stop, I run into a group of 15-20 people walking together in colourful tracksuits. They are all seniors of the society, and meet every morning to take walks round the premises. And in doing so, they all talk to each other, share a laugh — and essentially begin their day.

In fact, there are four-five young members too, and they love being called a part of this old boys' club.

My dad is also a part of this circle of happening silvers of Saya Zenith. Every day, I love to watch my father get up with excitement and join his merry gang. 

To add to the camaraderie, the boys decided to celebrate their birthdays together. So now, every month, two three birthdays are celebrated jointly on a pre-decided Sunday lunch. 

Yesterday morning, I got to know the group had decided to throw a dinner on account of four birthdays. This time, the celebration included entire family — wife, sons, daughters, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren — absolutely everybody. 

You could see the happiness in their smiles, as members introduced their children and grandchildren. It was moment of great joy — and somehow pride for these seniors. Fathers sang for their children; children sang for their parents, while the little ones kept themselves busy playing with balloons.

Here are glimpses from the great dinner...









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