Why is it becoming so hard to drive and walk on the roads of Dwarka Sector 12?
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Why is it becoming so hard to drive and walk on the roads of Dwarka Sector 12?

None of the upcoming commercial establishments of the sector have dedicated parking spaces. Consequently, vehicles are haphazardly parked on either side of the roads.

Why is it becoming so hard to drive and walk on the roads of Dwarka Sector 12? A snapshot of a commercial lane with residential buildings...vehicles are parked on either sides

The deteriorating traffic situation in Dwarka Sector 12 can be attributed to the upcoming commercial areas, none of which have designated parking spaces, leading to callously parked cars on the roads.    

On a stretch that connects Vidyut Chowk and KM Chowk, vehicles are parked on either side, making it difficult for commuters to drive and pedestrians to walk. MK Singh a resident of Sector 12, said, “There is no dedicated parking space for any of the shops, banks and other commercial establishments that line this stretch. Worse, the shops have also encroached the footpaths. The situation is likely to get worse and residents of the sector will find it very difficult to commute.”

A market area at a Chowk near Bal Bharti School is a glaring example of traffic chaos because of unregulated parking. The vehicles and buses carrying school children are haphazardly parked on the roads along with the vehicles of the people who come to the market. Another equally chaotic road is the one near Rockland Hospital and the Captain Mohan Chand Sharma Community Centre. This area has several residential societies like Shivam Apartments and Shubham Apartments. Residents of these societies have complained to the civic authorities about the menace of unregulated parking. However, they say that no remedial measures have been taken. Pankaj, a resident of Abhiyan Apartments shared, “New offices are coming up in the area and none of these have a parking space. Surprisingly despite having an underground parking facility, the Rockland Hospital is allowing visitors to park their vehicles on the road. I fail to understand why the authorities are not addressing the issue seriously.”  


A pedestrian walks almost in the middle of the road as cars are parked everywhere on the sides