Breaking News: CCTV captures molestation of girls inside Indirapuram high-rise
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Breaking News: CCTV captures molestation of girls inside Indirapuram high-rise

The incident took place yesterday when the girls were playing Holi inside the society.

Breaking News: CCTV captures molestation of girls inside Indirapuram high-rise

An act of alleged molestation of two minor girls in an Indirapuram high-rise has sent shock waves among residents. The incident, which took place during Holi celebrations, has raised serious concerns about the safety of women and children living in gated high-rises. Ironically, these high-rises also boast high-end security apparatus such as CCTV cameras and visitor management. This incident, which took place in Rishabh Cloud 9, was caught on the CCTV cameras.>

According to Amit Tiwari, father of the twin girls and a resident of the society, the incident took place yesterday, when Ritu and Shila (names changed) were playing Holi in front of Tower 1 of the society compound.>

“The incident took place around 12.20 pm. I was keeping an eye on them from the balcony, when I saw an unidentified man pick up one of them and start kissing her. While he was messing with Ritu, Shila, my other daughter, tried to free her sister. He then put Ritu down and picked up Shila,” Tiwari said.>

“I realised something wrong was happening and rushed down to rescue my daughters. When I went down, I found my daughters alone, stunned and afraid to talk. They had realised that something wrong had happened. On asking repeatedly, one of them spoke up and said that the 'dirty man' picked her up and kissed her repeatedly. We pursued the man, thrashed him and handed him over to security. He was also drunk,” Tiwari added.

A complaint in this regard has been registered against an unidentified person today at the Indirapuram police station.

On being asked about the presence of an unidentified person inside the society, Manish Kumar, the society’s security supervisor, told City Spidey that security was short-staffed due to Holi, and the man had sneaked in through the society's back gate. “There was only one security guard manning the gate, who was looking out for both pedestrian and vehicles at the same time," Kumar maintained. "We tried taking the molester to the police station, but he escaped from the society gate,” Kumar maintained.

On being asked how the alleged molester looked, Kumar said he was around 5.5 ft tall and had a dark complexion. He may have come from a nearby slum.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sachin Malik, SO of Indirapuram police station, said that a complaint had been registered against the unidentified man and that the police was investigating the matter. “We are looking into the matter, but we have not received any CCTV footage yet. We are in touch with the family,” Malik said.