In Mayur Vihar, half the CCTV cameras installed by police don’t work
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In Mayur Vihar, half the CCTV cameras installed by police don’t work

Even in places where the CCTV cameras work, there is often nobody to monitor the footage. A reality check by City Spidey found that television monitors at police stations were switched off!

In Mayur Vihar, half the CCTV cameras installed by police don’t work CCTV monitor screen in Mayur Vihar 1 police station found switched off

What is the point of installing CCTV cameras in public areas for security of residents if their footage is not monitored by anyone?

This, sadly is the ground reality in many a housing society of  Mayur Vihar where the local police hardly monitor the CCTV footage of the buildings and areas under their charge.

As per police records, in Mayur Vihar Phase 1 and Phase 1 Extension there are 22 CCTV cameras. Most of these are installed in the Delhi-Noida border areas. Surprisingly out of these only 10 CCTV cameras are functional. This fact was revealed to our City Spidey reporter by a police officer from the Mayur Vihar station.

Requesting anonymity, the police officer said that the cameras (that are functioning) had been installed last year by East Delhi MP, Mahesh Giri under the MP Local Area Development Fund. The idea was laudable-live monitoring of Delhi-Noida border and improving security of the residents.

Of the 10 CCTVs that are working, six are installed at the Chilla-Noida border area. Out of the remaining four, two are at the New Ashok Nagar-Noida border and the other two are near the DND.

Mayur Vihar police station was given the charge of monitoring these cameras.

On March 3, when City Spidey carried out a reality check in the afternoon at 2.30 p.m., the system was not functioning! There were six big television screens mounted on the wall of the room. However, these had been switched off. Moreover, there was no police person to operate the machines. Interestingly, a police officer who noticed that our reporter was clicking pictures, stepped in to prevent it. When our reporter asked him why the monitoring system was not operational, he merely said, "Two officers have been appointed to monitor the system. But they are on leave today.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, another police officer said, “Ten CCTV cameras were installed in September last year. These are the ones that are operational now. The other 12 cameras that were installed in 2014 are non-functional.”

The police officer also told City Spidey that there are around 1,700 CCTV cameras installed under the jurisdiction of Mayur Vihar Phase 1 police station. “According to reports collected from the beat inspectors in 2015, around 1,700 CCTV cameras are installed by private persons in markets, shops and outside the housing societies,” he said.