RESIDENT SPEAK: No simple green drink , but the elixir of happiness
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RESIDENT SPEAK: No simple green drink , but the elixir of happiness

While we all have a long list of complaints, there’s plenty to be happy about as well. Indirapuram resident Lipika Bhushan — a dancer, a writer, a mom and a marketer — seeks happiness in the unlikeliest of places.

RESIDENT SPEAK: No simple green drink , but the elixir of happiness

There’s always a long list of complaints — that’s life. If you ask people living in this satellite town just off the coast of the Yamuna, they, too, have a neat register of grouses — what with the highest pollution levels, constant congestion and what not! But, Indirapuram has an equally long list of reasons to feel happy about.    

This small town in UP is always bustling with energy, and is in constant pursuit of happiness.

Every morning, at the corners of parks, one can find several stalls selling juices of every colour, especially the green bitter gourd — and all the goodness is served out of plastic glasses.  What grabs your imagination are the faces, the smiles, the gossip and the energy. Huddled around these stalls, with the latest sportswear, are people who want to start their day with a healthy fix.

While some seek this green elixir for weight reduction, while others want a handle on diabetes, and yet others plainly seek a feeling of positivity before starting the day.

In our daily routines, we often fail to notice the juice vendors selling the colourful drinks at the start of the day. These concoctions are made by hardworking men and women who are trying to make a living out of the knowledge they hold and, at the same time, fulfil our needs for health and happiness.      

It is said that gratitude is the first component of being happy, and just this thought that your pursuit of happiness is helping a few to survive should, in itself, be enough to help you start your day with a new energy.

So, next time you step out for your morning walk, take a little time to observe. Stand in front of one such stall and witness the man at work before you move on to another hectic day at work.

Stay happy folks! 


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