A mother’s letter to her son on Women’s Day
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A mother’s letter to her son on Women’s Day

To Dhairya with love…

A mother’s letter to her son on Women’s Day

Since 1909, March 8 is being observed as International Women’s Day-a day that celebrates the women’s rights movement. Needless to say, social media has lent an unprecedented fillip to the spirit of Women’s Day. Facebook and Instagram posts and Twitter handles are all honouring the essence of womanhood.

For me, the day has a dual significance. For on this day exactly ten years ago, my elder son was born. With his coming, I experienced the complete circle of relationships that define a woman. I was no longer only a daughter, wife and sister. I was a proud mother too.

Today a Facebook post by a young man read: This is a day where all men should honour and celebrate the most important woman in their lives: their mothers. This touching post also reiterates the fact that mothers on their part have a tremendous onus of instilling tall virtues in their sons. On my part, I have always strived to gift something special to my son every year on his birthday-something intangible and memorable. Essentially my gifts have been poems and stories that I have specially written for him, through which I hoped to instill the right virtues.   

Only yesterday I read somewhere – “No leader or ideology in history, has made a bigger impact than a mother.” So as a Mother, I decided to write a letter to my son, on his tenth birthday today.

Dear Dhairya,

Today, you are 10, and see what an amazing person you have become! I am glad that now you can take care of yourself and don’t come running to me for everything. Am pleased to see that you have your own thoughts, opinions, questions, sense of humour and interests. More importantly, you have your own way of doing things. It fills me with tremendous joy to see that you have a mind of your own.

As you continue to grow and become an adult, life will present new chapters and push you through several phases. Life my dear son, is replete with ups and downs. But I know your strength and spirit will make you triumph against all odds. Make sure you always know your worth and how precious you are! While the world is celebrating Women’s Day, it is my privilege as your mom and a woman to impart these important truths to you. I believe that if you abide by these truths you will be a winner no matter whatever challenge life throws your way.


  1. Always respect fellow human beings: Young, old, brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, neighbour ----Everybody around you deserves respect. Irrespective of caste, creed and gender, people are all the same.  
  2. Make sure that you always respect women in every way. Be it your mother, sister, friend or even a stranger- all women are equally worthy and deserving of respect.
  3. Never disrespect a woman’s body in any slightest manner. Always understand that certain parts of a woman's anatomy are precious and only hers. Therefore it is always necessary to keep a respectful physical distance.
  4. Always be chivalrous! Always put up your best manners before the women in your life. Open doors, stand up and offer seats, be polite and buy flowers and gifts. Be a good partner to your wife. Share chores and household responsibilities. There is no glory in chauvinism.
  5. Always remember that you should never be ashamed of sharing all your decisions, dreams and fears with me. Any action or decision that you need to hide, is not a good decision.
  6. Enjoy your childhood to the fullest but do tell me whenever you do something particularly naughty. I always want to be by your side to correct and guide you like a friend.
  7. Always have great respect for your wife. Remember, that she has left her parents and home for you. Be each other’s strength.
  8. Make sure that you become a mother to your younger brother and children when required. Your grandfather broke the stereotype long ago by being a father and mother to me and your aunt after we had lost our mother.  

I know you are just 10 and you won’t understand many parts of my letter. But I hope you will treasure my letter as you make your way through the world. Most importantly, I want you to grow up to be a man who cherishes and respects womanhood.  

Happy Birthday!

Your’s Mom.