It is now a faster and smoother drive to and around the Sirhaul Toll Plaza
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It is now a faster and smoother drive to and around the Sirhaul Toll Plaza

Two weeks ago when major route diversions were created on this toll plaza, the traffic situation had got more chaotic. However, today the traffic situation is remarkably better. Read on to know why...  

It is now a faster and smoother drive to and around the Sirhaul Toll Plaza Traffic cops at work while making the diversions and changes

On February 25, major route diversions were created at Gurgaon’s Sirhaul toll plaza in a bid to solve the traffic congestion. The traffic police had demarcated the entry and exit points for commercial and non-commercial vehicles by enforcing jersey barriers. Today the traffic flow has improved considerably when compared to the initial three days after the diversions were made.

In the first three days, the traffic situation had worsened as commuters had been unaware of the changes. They drove amidst confusion and that led to accidents and traffic bottlenecks.

However, despite facing severe criticism, the traffic police had decided to continue its strategy insisting that ‘traffic movement will improve once commuters are accustomed and familiarized with the changes’.

The evening of March 6 was a breakthrough of sorts as it witnessed a marked improvement in the traffic flow as compared to February 27. On February 27 the traffic authorities had taken nearly five hours to restore vehicle movement.

Traffic in the extreme left carriageway travelling towards Rajokri, Kapashera, DLF Phase 3 and the Ambience Island and traffic in the extreme right carriageway (all non-commercial vehicles) travelling towards New Delhi after descending from the Shankar Chowk flyover appears very streamlined after the change.

“After getting familiarized with the route diversions (at the Sirhaul toll) my journey has significantly improved,” said Shashwat Verma, a resident of Kapashera.

Traffic movement at the other two carriageways has also improved. One is meant for non-commercial vehicles travelling from Cyber City towards New Delhi and the other is for commercial vehicles that re-join mainstream traffic after paying the toll tax.

“About ten days ago, I was stuck at the Shankar Chowk flyover and it took me more than 80 minutes to cross the toll. In the past few days, despite encountering traffic at the toll plaza, I am able to cross the toll well under 30 minutes,” said Kabeer Singhi, a resident of Sector 15.

On February 27, police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar had visited the toll to assess the situation along with senior police officers from Gurgaon and Delhi police. He had then directed the officials to come up with a solution for the existing mess.

Removing sections of jersey barriers to allow vehicles to switch lanes (depending on the traffic scenario) was one of the key solutions. Moreover, the traffic police officials have also placed stationary vehicles with LED screens that display directions and signages, ahead of the IFFCO Chowk flyover and Shankar Chowk flyover.

“Depending on the volume of traffic, officials take spot decisions of allowing or disallowing commuters to switch from the service lane towards the highway or vice versa. This move too has improved the traffic flow at the toll significantly,” said Hira Singh, ACP Gurgaon Traffic.

Highlighting the effectiveness of the move, Singh stated that while there had been a sizeable number of complaints from commuters during the initial three days of the trial, not even a single complaint has come in the last ten days.