Disaster averted, but a spark could have been fatal!

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Posted: Apr 27, 2016

Dwarka, Sector 12, was in a state of panic on Tuesday night when a gas pipeline near the petrol pump was damaged by a JCB machine.

The incident occurred around 11 pm and residents from societies such as Highland Apartments and Radisson Apartments came out of their buildings after the smell of gas became too strong. Residents were out till about midnight, until the gas pipeline was sealed and the area declared safe by the police, fire brigade and Indraprastha Gas Limited.

Residents told City Spidey that there was commotion all around as the smell of gas intensified. Mukesh Singh, a resident of Bharat Jagriti Apartments in Sector 12, the society nearest to the spot, said, “Around 10.30 pm, I heard a blast followed by the sound of air escaping with great force. After a few minutes, I could smell gas. I first rushed to the kitchen to check for leakage and then to the balcony, where the smell was a lot stronger. I rang up the society office and found out that an IGL gas pipeline had been damaged by a JCB machine. As a precautionary measure, I rushed out of the society. Almost all the residents were out on the road until the line was repaired. It was a scary situation.”

The smell of leaking gas was so strong that it was felt even by societies on the other side of the road, in Sector 18. Rakesh Dagar, a resident of Crescent Apartments in Sector 18, said, “We were at a distance of about 500 m from the leakage spot, but we could still strongly smell gas. I asked my wife to check the knob of the stove and the gas pipes in our kitchen. I went to the balcony and saw police vehicles and a fire brigade rushing to the spot. It was a real panic situation for residents of the area. Though a disaster was averted, it would have only taken a flame to throw many lives into ruin.”

Bharat Jagriti Apartments, Radisson Apartments, San Sunder Das Apartments and schools such as Sam International, Sachdeva Global, Sri Venkteshwara, and a children's section of Delhi International School were all in close proximity to the leakage spot. People say that the pipeline was damaged due to careless operation of the JCB.

DK Sharma, treasurer of Bharat Jagriti Apartments, said, “We were fortunate that there was no fire. There could have been fatalities if there was a spark. We called the fire brigade and the IGL officials. Police were also informed. Thankfully, the authorities reached on time and the whole situation was brought under control efficiently.”


The petrol pump near which the gas pipeline was damaged in Sector 12, Dwarka.

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