Will a new RWA improve the civic infrastructure of Gurgaon’s South City 2?

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Posted: Mar 14, 2018

South City 2, a posh residential locality in Gurgaon Sector 50, has not seen much development over the past two years. Insufficient police patrolling, dysfunctional streetlights, filthy drains and poorly maintained parks have been some common grouses after the present RWA body had been elected in 2016.

Residents had hence been demanding fresh elections, as they did not want the tenure of the current body to be extended. The senior citizens’ forum, block presidents and other residents had put in a written request with the Deputy Registrar of Societies, seeking his intervention in the matter.

On Sunday, the Deputy Registrar of Societies declared fresh RWA elections. The date has not been decided yet. IS Yadav, the Deputy Registrar of Societies, directed the incumbent RWA president to conduct fresh elections in accordance with the society by-laws. “I am travelling and will conduct the elections once we decide the date next week,” Yadav informed City Spidey.

“The term of the existing governing body and the collegium will expire on March 18. Now the onus of appointing a returning officer and initiating the election procedure is on the administrator, who is to be appointed by the sub-registrar. The sub-registrar will be in charge of the governing body until the elections are held,” said Col DR Yadav, former secretary, of the South City 2 RWA. He added, “There is no emergency that warrants postponing of the elections. The performance of the current body has not been satisfactory. So it makes sense to elect a new body.”

The residents also said that the current RWA members wanted an extension. Supporting the decision to conduct fresh elections, MM Parti, general secretary, Senior Citizen’s Welfare Forum, South City 2, said, “Periodic elections are always healthy for the development of the area, as we can elect the most appropriate and deserving candidates.”

Parti recounted a long list of grouses that the residents had in relation to the present RWA. “They have failed to remove shanties from different blocks and the water crisis in the area has grown acute during its tenure. The condition of the revenue road connecting the society to Bani Square has also deteriorated.” 

The current RWA members, however, had much to say in their defence. “We have been working towards the development of the area, but the residents are annoyed because there has been a delay in the MCG’s proposed takeover of the colony. We have completed several projects in the area and have boosted the patrolling. Moreover, we have installed streetlights, cleaned drains and proactively maintained the park. We are still working with the authorities to ensure a speedy takeover of the colony by MCG,” said Neeraj Yadav, president of the RWA.

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