Remember to keep your buckets full in GreNo
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Remember to keep your buckets full in GreNo

Residents complain of low water pressure affecting water supply, say they have complained to Greater Noida Authority but to no avail.

Remember to keep your buckets full in GreNo

With temperatures already soaring, our daily water intake has also gone up. And there can be nothing worse in summer than a short supply of drinking water.

But Greater Noida is facing this problem. Residents living on the second and the third floors are struggling with inadequate water supply due to low water pressure.

Residents of sectors Alpha I, Beta I, Beta II, Delta I, Gamma I, Gamma II and Swarn Nagri are the most affected. The Federation of Greater Noida RWAs (FOGRWA) has reported the problem to officials of Greater Noida Authority, but, according to residents, nothing has been done so far.

Rakesh Chaudhary, a resident of Swarn Nagri, said, “Low water pressure is a major problem these days. Residents make do with whatever little water supply they get - sometimes they don't get any." 

In some sectors, the problem can be fixed, but nothing is being done about it, residents say.

Deepak Bhati, a resident of Delta I, said, “Water pipelines in my sector are broken and water is leaking from them. Despite complaints to Greater Noida Authority, no one seems to be interested in repairing the pipelines. The leakage could be causing the low water pressure.”