Does this look like a market to you?
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Does this look like a market to you?

Shopkeepers and residents of Dwarka Sector 6 complain of poor maintenance, and lack of water and power supply in this 'market of banks'.

Does this look like a market to you?

A local shopping centre in Dwarka Sector 6 is in a shabby state. Though popular as "the market of banks" in the locality, the shopping centre lacks basic amenities such as water and power.

Shopkeepers and residents of the area say civic agencies are not maintaining the market at all. Chitra Jain, a resident of Kamakshi Apartments, Sector 6, says, “There are no dustbins, the drains are choked, the premises are dirty, the planters and flower pots lie barren, and wild grass and bushes grow everywhere. This has been the case for the past five years. There are banks, ATMs and about 50 shops in the market, but there are hardly any facilities. There is no water supply, for starters. At least basic amenities such as water and electricity should be made available.” 

Sudershan Wadhwa, a shopkeeper, says, “The whole drainage system is choked. The MCD completely ignores the area and there is not a single dustbin here. We maintain the market as best we can, but how much can we do? The main road in front of the market, from DAV School to Road Number 201, has poor lighting, and attracts anti-social elements. There are light poles, but half of them don't have lights.”

Mukesh Yadav, director press information, SDMC, said, “What is lacking on our part will be dealt with seriously. I will ask the officials concerned to look into this.”