If you don't need those books, there's a place that does...
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If you don't need those books, there's a place that does...

The community library in Sector 23 of Dwarka needs more books, and ANHLGT is reaching out to residents, urging them to donate books instead of selling them for a pittance. 

If you don't need those books, there's a place that does... ANHLGT president Cicily Kodiyan

Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together (ANHLGT) is urging residents to donate books and magazines to the public library opened at the community centre of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) in Sector 23 Dwarka.

The library was developed with the efforts of the women of ANHLGT and support of the people. President of ANHLGT, Cicily Kodiyan, said, “This is the first community library in Dwarka. Residents donated some books and we started it. Now, we need more books and that is only possible if the community comes forward. This is a public library and completely dependent on such support. I appeal to residents to not sell old books and magazines, but donate them to this library.”

Kodiyan added that they were making efforts to increase range of books, specially for the children.

The library is being looked after by the members of the ANHLGT and it remains open between 11am and 8 pm.

Treasurer of ANHLGT, Mini George, a resident of Sector 23, said, “We are meeting RWAs and talking to people. The books and magazines that they sell could be sent to us.”

Residents are appreciative of the efforts.

Social worker Minika Miglani, a resident of Vrindavan Apartments in Sector 6,  said, “ I have hundreds of books, which I want to give away. I will donate a few to this library next week.” 

President of Ganpati Apartments in Sector 9 and president of Federation of RWAs of Sector 9, Advocate KS Bhati, too, came forward in vocal support of the initiative. He said, "This is a great thing to happen. Nothing better than books to keep company."