Sun City monkey attack victim shifted to Kailash Hospital Noida for treatment

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Photo: Vetmed.ucdavis.edu
Posted: Mar 17, 2018

Ashish Nayak, the teenager who had fallen from the terrace of a three storied building in Shipra Suncity Phase 1 yesterday (in a bid to evade a group of monkeys) has been shifted from Shanti Gopal Hospital to Kailash Hospital in Noida for further treatment.

Nayak, a resident of Flat 11/17 of Shipra Suncity Phase 2 was playing with his friends on the terrace of the phase 1 building when the incident occurred. He had fallen through the shaft of the building and landed on a shed on the first floor of the building.

He had been rescued by Sushil Bhoi, a staff of the Central Security Force (CSF) and rushed to the ICU of Shanti Gopal Hospital.

“I heard his cries and climbed down the shaft. Nayak had stood up for a moment before fainting. So I carried him out of the shaft through an opening on the ground floor and took him to the hospital with the help of other residents,” Bhoi said.

Sources at Shanti Gopal Hospital said that the boy was released from the hospital on the request of his parents.

“Ashish Nayak was brought to our hospital today for better treatment. He is undergoing treatment in the ICU and has head injuries along with multiple fractures. We are trying our best to save him,” said VB Joshi, public relation officer of Kailash Hospital.

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