DLF Ph IV: Realtor recarpets arterial road for the first time in 15 years!

Recarpeting of roads
By City spidey
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Posted: Mar 21, 2018

In a major step towards the maintenance transfer of private colonies to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), leading realtor DLF has finished recarpeting an arterial road in Phase IV for the first time in 15 years, with help from residents.

The 2-km stretch in question connects DLF City Club to Supermart 2, and hundreds of residents use this road to approach the Galleria Market every day.

While the area roads were repaired from time-to-time, they weren’t re-carpeted in over a decade.

The process of transfer of privately developed colonies from cash-strapped Huda to the MCG started last year.

In April 2017, Haryana chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar had announced the transfer of private colonies to the MCG, after which detailed project reports (DPR) of various colonies were made to estimate the expenditure in bringing their civic infrastructure up to speed.

The developers were given the option to either repair the infrastructure on their own or transfer the amount to MCG to improve civic amenities.

DLF Phase 4 residents had recently told deputy mayor Sunita Yadav, a resident of Sushant Lok I, that the last partial repair work was carried out three years ago and the road had become non-motorable. The work follows an assurance by Yadav that all roads here would get the attention they need.

Sunita Yadav said, “The developer was told to finish the re-carpeting work within this month as this stretch is one of the most beautiful stretches of the city. The residents have also spent a huge amount of money from their own pockets to repair this road.”

While the builder spent Rs 50 lakh on re-carpeting all roads, residents contributed Rs 16 lakh for installing an iron grill along the median to prevent jaywalking, repairing footpaths and street lights.

“There was a need to re-carpet the road as it was in a pathetic condition. There were no proper street lights, and the footpaths were also broken; iron grills were also required. Around 40 residents contributed Rs 40,000 each for all this work as our lanes are connected to the main road,”  DLF IV RWA president Rajender Sharma said.

“The work had begun last week and was completed on Saturday night. We have spent approximately Rs 50 lakh,”  DLF executive director Shekhar Basu said.

Prior to this stretch, the developer re-carpeted all the roads in Block E of DLF Phase I, Basu said.

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Posted one year ago

What about other road. Will they remain as it is. The current govt is doing nothing for improving the living conditions of the citizens of Gurugram. Wake up before it is late.