Ahlcon LIVE updates: CRPF and RAF reach the site; blockade cleared
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Ahlcon LIVE updates: CRPF and RAF reach the site; blockade cleared

The traffic has finally cleared. The protesters have been put into a bus that will drop them off to Ekisha's house in Noida

Ahlcon LIVE updates: CRPF and RAF reach the site; blockade cleared

 LIVE updates of  Ahlcon schoolgirl suicide case: 

  • CRPF and RAF (Rapid Action Force) reach the protest site. They forcibly piled the protesters into a bus that will drop them to Ekisha's house in Noida. Traffic on the road now moving.
  •  A little after 2 pm, aggrieved parents of 16-year-old Ekisha Raghav Shah, along with other parents, blocked the Noida-Delhi link road. Initially, they had blocked the road between Delhi and Noida link in Mayur Vihar Phase I area. With both the roads blocked, traffic in the area has been thrown into a tizzy. Commuters have been stuck for hours now. 
  • Traffic has been diverted through an under-construction underpass behind the Mayur Vihar Phase I Metro station to avoid the chaos. 

  • To quell the unrest, ACP Mayur Vihar, Shobhit Saxena, said, "This matter is outside the jurisdiction of Delhi Police. It can only be handled by Noida Police. We have spoken to the GB Nagar SSP. He has asked all of you to visit the SSP office. We have also kept a bus to take all of you there.”

  • Parents allege that Noida Police’s investigation has been biased. Ekisha’s father, Raghav Shah, said, “I have no trust in Noida Police. They are doing what the school authorities want."
  • Parents seek a CBI inquiry and the immediate arrest of the two teachers who forced their daughter to take her life.
  • Mother of the deceased, Deepmala Nutan, said, “My daughter had told me once last November that her teacher had touched her inappropriately, and when she resisted, she was threatened with dire consequences.”
  • She appealed to parents to join them in protest. “My daughter was forced to end her life due to mental and physical harassment by two teachers. I request all parents to support us, and force the government to serve justice to my daughter.”
  • One of the protesters, Kritika, Ekisha's close friend in dance class, said, “We have not only lost a daughter or a friend but an aspiring kathak dancer as well. We got late in arriving at the protests because we were stopped by Noida Police. They took down our vehicle number. We thus avoided taking the main road and took the inner roads to get here."
  • According to the girl’s parents, she was told by a teacher: “However hard you may study, I will still fail you." And that’s what they did. In the words of Eshika's parents, she was facing tremendous “mental agony” and sexual harassment at the hands of the teachers.

  •  Parents sit in protest outside Ahlon Public School, Mayur Vihar Phase I, with her "ghunghroos" in hand, around 11 am.