MCG to terminate consultants and hire permanent staff


MCG to terminate consultants and hire permanent staff

Since the municipal body is facing an acute staff shortage, it has outsourced 34 people above the age of 60 years. However, the councillors have demanded for the termination of 14 consultants.  

MCG to terminate consultants and hire permanent staff

On January 15, in the course of a house meeting of the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, the councillors had asked the officials to terminate the contracts of 14 consultants. The councillors had said that these consultants were drawing a fat salary and not delivering much.

However, today after well over two months, the contracts of these councillors have still not been terminated. Of these 14, four are deputed in the engineering branch, three in the sanitation branch, three in the revenue branch, two in the IT branch, and one each in the legal and taxation branch. The MCG officials had consented to the councillors’ demand.

“Even today, these fourteen consultants are still working for the MCG and continue to drain its resources. I have asked officials to submit the action report of the January house meeting and explain why the agreements have not been met with,” said Mayor Madhu Azad.

Ironically, the MCG has been reeling with a severe staff shortage. Of the 635 sanctioned posts, only 183 have been filled by MCG staff members — the rest have either been outsourced or occupied by employees on deputation from the urban local bodies and other state departments.

During a session of the house meeting held on March 7, RS Rathee, councillor of ward 34, had filed a set of queries on the staff situation.  The civic body had replied that 34 outsourced people above the age of 60 years are presently working in MCG due to acute staff shortage.

From January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017, the MCG has spent Rs 215.46 crore on salaries.

A requisition to the Haryana Government for hiring more employees has been sent by the MCG and is pending approval, officials told City Spidey.

MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav had informed councillors that the minutes of both the  house meeting will be shared by the end of this month. He added that all decisions taken during the House meetings would be looked into on priority basis.