Pushing its digital agenda, MCG now wants geo-tagged garbage sites

Photo: prolificnorth.co.uk
Posted: Mar 24, 2018

If crime data and information of social and physical infrastructure can be synced onto a digital map of Gurgaon, why not inputs on garbage collection points? Certainly yes, and MCG officials during a meeting on Friday stressed on the importance having such a geo-tagging application.

Based on the lines of Swachh Map app, the application would be linked with the MCG website, so the contractor, agency, or a resident can search the collection point online.

It would also allow residents to upload pictures of sites that require MCG attention.

The meeting held in MCG office in Sector 34 was headed by Commissioner Yashpal Yadav.

“Information on waste collection points is available at the MCG office and the same should be made available to the public — hence, the need for a geo-tagging application,” explained SS Rohilla, MCG PRO.

It was also decided that Ecogreen, the concessionaire for the Bandhwari waste plant and the door-to -door collection of waste in the city, will prepare a schedule for removal of garbage and share it with the MCG as well as general public. Also, a small collection point needs to be constructed in each ward where residents can dump construction and demolition (C&D) waste.

Also, if residents wanted to complain about burning of garbage, they could call at 1800-180-1817, the MCG’s call center.

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