Gurugram Municipal Corporation set to take over DLF Phase 2
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Gurugram Municipal Corporation set to take over DLF Phase 2

DLF Phase 2, one of the nine private colonies about to be taken over by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG), is being given a facelift by the private builder as stipulated by the municipal body, much to the relief of the residents.

Gurugram Municipal Corporation set to take over DLF Phase 2 A commercial complex in DLF Phase 2

Private developer of the DLF residential colony of DLF Phase 2 is getting it ready to transfer it to the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram for maintenance. As a part of this exercise, the developer recarpeted the Dakshin Marg in the colony on Saturday.

DLF Phase 2 is one of the nine private colonies that are to be transferred to the MCG for better civic maintenance. However, prior to the takeover, the developer concerned has to upgrade the existing civic infrastructure and ensure proper amenities are in place before the handover takes place.

During an independent survey of the colony, the MCG pegged the estimated cost of upgrading the existing amenities in DLF Phase-2 at Rs 58 crore.

The 450-metre long Dakshin Marg is the main approach to the colony from Cyber City. Traffic on this was congested owing to several potholes dotting the road as also encroachments slowed down the traffic.

Repair work on the road started on Thursday as per residents.

As part of the transfer process, the road at E block in DLF Phase 1 had also been re-carpeted on March 14.

“After DLF Phase 1, road repairs are on in DLF Phase 2. The main entrance to the colony is through the Dakshin Marg, which is in bad shape. Hence, residents of all the blocks suffer. Over the last 10 years, the roads here have not been been repaired. As a result, they are difficult to navigate by motorists. Now, the drains on this stretch are also being upgraded and subsequently, all other arterial roads will also be fixed,” RS Rathee, councillor of Ward 34, said.

“Road repairs at Dakshin Marg started on Thursday. In a short span of time, roads across the colony will be repaired one by one,” Shekhar Basu, executive director, DLF, the developer, said.

For residents, who have been suffering because of the broken roads towards their houses, the repair work has come as a sigh of relief.

“There was an urgent need for the road to be repaired and reconstructed. The issue had been pending for a decade,” Deepak Gupta, a resident of DLF Phase 2 said.

On February 7, the department of town and country planning (DTCP) and the MCG officials carried out a demolition and an anti-encroachment drive in DLF Phase 2.

The drive was conducted after Rathee complained to the MCG about encroachment on Sikanderpur-Bristol Chowk, Dakshin Marg and in Block A while also registering a complaint on the CM Window about unauthorised constructions on Dakshin Marg.