Lost and found: Good samaritan gives Delhi man the surprise of his life!
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Lost and found: Good samaritan gives Delhi man the surprise of his life!

Life is full of small miracles. Gurpreet Singh must be thanking his lucky stars after he found a benefactor in Sidharth Mehta. 

Lost and found: Good samaritan gives Delhi man the surprise of his life! Sidharth Mehta - Man who returned Gurpreet Singh's purse

The fear of losing your wallet, mobile and several valuables is enough to give you nightmares. Imagine, how tough would be the plight of a person who has lost his wallet.

Gurpreet Singh, a resident of New Delhi went through a harrowing experience as he lost his wallet in metro on March 15. Singh had exited the metro on Lajpat Nagar station that day. 

However, he had a pleasant surprise when another man, Sidharth Mehta, traveling in the same metro found his lost wallet and returned it on the address mentioned on Singh’s Aadhaar card through courier service.

Sidharth Mehta is a resident of Ajnara Grand Heritage, a residential society in Sector-74, Noida. Mehta said that he was returning from Indira Gandhi International Airport and had parked his car at Nehru Place metro station.

Mehta found Rs 516, documents like Aadhaar C1ard, driving license, two debit cards, one Metro card, a Pan card, some pictures and sim cards in Singh’s wallet.

"I thought to submit his wallet to the metro customer care office at Nehru Place station. However, the office was closed and thus I kept his wallet with myself. Upon reaching home me and my wife started searching for a mobile number or address on the documents in the purse. However, I saw that different addresses were mentioned on the Aadhaar card and driving license. Further, only the person’s name was mentioned on his Pan card,” he added.

He further said that he tried to visit Gurpreet’s house through the address mentioned on the Aadhaar card, but was unsuccessful. However, he parceled Singh’s wallet, money and documents through India Post to the address mentioned on his Aadhaar card along with a letter. “In the letter, I also mentioned my mobile number for confirmation. I am confident that after receiving the wallet and letter Singh will call me and that will be enough to prove that the wallet has reached the right person,” Mehta added. "We will meet soon. Right now I am out of town, so I will possibly meet him by next week,” he further said.

Gurpreet Singh told City Spidey that he was thankful to Sidharth Mehta and the incident had strengthened his belief in humanity. “I also posted his letter and photo of my purse on my Facebook wall to inform people that I have come in contact with such an honest guy like Sidharth,” Singh said. The letter posted on Gurpreet’s Facebook wall read, “Dear Gurpreet, I found your purse in the Delhi Metro and I’m sending you the same. Please call me upon receiving it. Hope you receive it with full/complete documents.”