Invisible zebra crossings, speed breakers cause chaos in Dwarka
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Invisible zebra crossings, speed breakers cause chaos in Dwarka

Dwarka residents lament that most of the zebra crossing markings at traffic signals and markers on speed breakers are missing causing untold problems to the pedestrians and motorists alike.

Invisible zebra crossings, speed breakers cause chaos in Dwarka Zebra crossing at a traffic signal in Dwarka is nearly invisible

Most of the Zebra crossings at traffic intersections have faded away in Dwarka city making the life of pedestrians as well as motorists difficult.

While motorists almost always cross the Zebra line, where it used to be visible previously, pedestrians crossing the road find it difficult to navigate through the gaps in vehicles that stop haphazardly at the traffic signals.

Whether it is the Ashirvad Chowk, Kargil Chowk, KM Chowk, Sector 6/10 market or any other major traffic intersection, Zebra markers have completely faded away. And especially at night and in poor lighting, the problem only increases.

More dangerous are the numerous speed breakers, where the paint has completely faded with the result that motorists have to break suddenly. Sometimes the height of the speed breakers is also a cause of concern and results in damage to vehicles, especially so on Rod Number 201,202,205,226. In these places, the markings have completely vanished.

 “Those speed breakers are of bitumen and concrete and completely black in colour same as the colour of the road surface. Once I fell down from my scooter while approaching Ashirvad Chowk and could not guess that there was a big speed breaker in front of Surabhi Apartments Sector 11 and market of sector 11 on main road. This speed breaker has been without any marking for a long time. Also, near Ashirvad Chowk the zebra crossings are faded and disappeared in that way commuters are not in position to locate it and they stop the vehicles on the passage left for pedestrian to cross the road,” said Deepak Tayal, a resident of Sector 5.

Law abiding people and those who have been advocating safe pedestrian and pedestrian rights are saying that the zebra crossing must be marked properly.

Seema Agrawal a resident of Sector 10 who has been promoting safe pedestrian concept in the community said, “we want to follow traffic rules, we want to respect the norms. But if there is a problem like this how can we follow traffic rules. Unfortunately, the systems are not being maintained properly. If it was done, anyone breaking rules would think twice. If the zebra crossings are maintained, speed breakers are according rules and properly marked, only then can these be policed.”

On the one hand the Delhi Traffic Police and administration is promoting safe pedestrian and safe driving in Delhi, on the other hand the infrastructure for that going deteriorating day by day. People working on traffic safety issues question the lackadaisical approach of the authorities. General Secretary of Dwarka Forum and a resident of Sector 12 SK Goel had written to the authorities on this aspect several times. He told City Spidey that the response of the authorities was not encouraging. “Things seem good on paper and speeches, yet nothing seems visible on ground level. Such things must be maintained throughout the year. But even repeated complaints do not seem to work,” Goel said.