Residents hand MLA a charter of demands

By Ramesh Kumar
Posted: Jan 11, 2016

At MLA Aapke Dwaar (MLA at Your Doorstep), organised by the RWA on Sunday, the residents of sector 31 poured their hearts out with their grievances and demands. They took up with their MLA, Vimla Batham the following eight major problems:

1. Police post proposed: Drawing attention of the MLA towards the ongoing expansion of Noida metro corridor from City Centre which is bound to increase transit movement through Sector 31 and 3, President of RWA of Block, B, Sector 31 P C Sarin demanded setting up of a police post in the area for safety and security of the residents.

2. Manicure of branches of green growth: Citing a recent incident of fire due to a short circuit caused by the branches of a tree touching naked overhead electric livewire passing through the sector, the residents stressed on the need to prune the trees in the area to avoid such mishaps in the future.

3. Dog menace: Stray animals, especially dogs, have become a nuisance for the area. In the absence of proper monitoring of their growth, the canine population is growing by leaps and bounds causing enormous inconvenience to the residents. While SPCA, a private agency, is assigned with the task vaccinating the stray dogs, residents complained that the agency is yet to arrive in the sector for the dog sterilisation drive.

4. Police patrol: Parks in the sector have become safe havens for anti-socital elements. Street urchins can be seen in these parks consuming liquor unhindered. They are even found passing obscene remarks at female passers-by under the influence of liquor. Residents want increased police patrol to rein in these anti-social elements.

5. Health and Hygiene: Overflowing sewers and clogging drains is a common problem in the area which reflects negligence of sanitation workers. They rarely report for the duty. As a result small drains have become breeding grounds for mosquitos. Even as roads and lanes are littered with garbage sweepers are seen sitting in parks gossiping throughout the day.

6. Garbage dump at the entrance: Garbage dump is located right in front of the gate of block B of the sector offering an ugly sight to the visitors. The residents want it removed or shifted to some other location.

7. Community centre: The sector has two community centres, but both are located in a village outside the sector. Consequently, the residents of Sector 31 have to go out of the sector to organise any community event or marriage ceremony.

8. Unclean vacant plots: There are 55 vacant plots in sector 31. Growth of unwanted grass abound these spots. Residents want authorities undertake cutting of grass on a regular basis so that this green growth do not become refuge for snakes or harmful insects.

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