Resident Speak: Rapid deterioration of parks worry Greater Noida residents

Parks of Greater Noida
By Harinder Bhati
Photo: Mukhram Singh
Posted: Apr 01, 2018

Parks in Sector Beta 1 of Greater Noida are neither being watered nor are they being cleaned properly. As a result, these are frequented by dogs and even the grass has dried out. The dogs have also dug various holes inside the parks. This causes inconvenience to visitors especially senior citizen and women who visit the park for morning walk and other activity.

The situation is similar for the green belt stretching from Vishwa Bharti School to Ryan School. Tresidents complained about contractors who are supposed to maintain the parks. The contractor has not watered tha park ever since the contracted was awarded six months back. Grass and trees of the green belt have started drying due to lack of water.

A contractor named Bharti had been awarded the contract of watering the green belt and parks of Sector Beta 1 nearly six months ago, but he is not doing his job properly. Due to this, the trees in the green belt have started to dry.

I have urged concerned officials of Greater Noida Authority to take action against such contractors. I have also requested Anand Mohan, senior manager of the authority to take some time out and visit the parks of Greater Noida.

The general manager of the authority, Rajeev Tyagi, has toured various sectors of Greater Noida and RWA officials have discussed their problems with him. However, such tours seemed to be fruitless as no action has been taken thus far.

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