Is renewal of Apartment Owners Association a hassle? Check out this helpful list
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Is renewal of Apartment Owners Association a hassle? Check out this helpful list

If you are facing troubles in the renewal of your Apartment Owners Association, then check out the list mentioned in the story.

Is renewal of Apartment Owners Association a hassle? Check out this helpful list Apartment owners association - Representative image

Tired of repeatedly submitting documents at the Deputy Registrar's office on multiple occasions, Sanjeev Sharma, the President of Raison Armor Homes, Apartment Owners Association (AOA) in Indirapuram has prepared a list of documents which might be required during renewal of such associations at the deputy registrar’s office in Meerut. 

Sharma has compiled this list with pictures in an online document apart from recommending it to other societies which are nearing renewal or are striving to get their society renewed.

“I have been trying to get our AOA renewed for almost three years now. All of my last four attempts have failed and every time my application has been returned citing lack of documents. I have compiled this list from my experience of all the previous attempts,” Sharma said.

“I have received two elaborate lists on two occasions apart from verbal communication. My list is a compilation of all those requested documents. I have sent a fifth reminder for renewal only last month. In case I receive another list, I will update my compilation,” Sharma maintained.

Sharma maintains that it is always better to initiate renewal procedures ahead of the due date.

The list includes:

1. Application for renewal on prescribed form if any. This request should be placed on AOA letter head and duly signed by the association’s secretary. The application shall be accompanied by model bye laws duly signed by the AOA Executive body and relevant resolutions of the General Body Meeting (GBM) conducted in this regard.

2. Original society registration certificate.

3. Payment of the association’s renewal fees of Rs. 1000/-(One Thousand) within the renewal due date. Delay would draw a fine of Rs. 100 for the first month and Rs. 50 for the upcoming months.

4. The names, addresses, occupations and designations of the current members of the AOA body.

5. Annual Balance sheet for every year.    

6. Election Notification.

7. Election proceedings as approved by laws.

8. Photocopies of all pages of the bank pass- book of the society

9. Cash register of the society, related to the preceding three years or five years from date of renewal application.

10. Current residents’ list. We also need to mention AOA membership fees which is Rs. 500 for Raison Armor Homes. It may be different for other societies.

11. Aadhaar card copies of all the office bearers and executive members of AOA duly signed by all.

12. Minutes of Meeting (MOM) of the Executive Body and General Body Meetings.

13. AOA Membership Receipt Book.

14. AOA Membership receipt of the residents who are part of the association.

15. Self-declaration of the applicant citing that all the documents and information provided are correct and valid.

In the end, Sharma reminds us to collect the application and payment receipt before leaving.

Sharma further plans to get the list approved by the Deputy Registrar himself. “I have faced this problem and I am sure there are many other societies which are troubled due to it. I hope this list helps others. I will keep updating the list if more documents are required,” Sharma further said.

The list can be accessed here: