Gurgaon: The wait for Corona Optus to elect its own RWA just got longer

Photo: Graphics by Akash Mishra
Posted: Apr 04, 2018

How much longer do residents of Corona Optus in Sector 37C, Gurgaon, need to wait to have their own representative RWA? Only the joint director firms and societies, Gurgaon, Bhagmal Takshak, could have an answer.  

A group of residents appeared for the second time at the hearing before Takshak yesterday, urging him to issue a directive to the builder­-appointed association to conduct elections and give residents a chance to elect their own RWA members through polling.

Takshak fixed the next date of hearing on May 2.

Nikhil Kalra, a resident, said, “The developer formed a group of seven residents and got an RWA registered. This is a normal procedure in every private colony in Gurgaon. But normally, the RWA announces a proper election date to select association members through ballot. But now it has been more than a year, there’s no intent on the part of the present RWA to announce a ballot date. Also, the current RWA did not make the accounts public till date. We have raised our concern with the joint director, but we do not see a ray of hope.”

Another resident, Himanshu Pandey, alleged no one from the present RWA appeared before the joint director in the earlier hearing on March 12. At the point, he had assured residents that he would announce election date and appoint returning officer during the next meeting, but he only announced the date for the next hearing, Pandey further complained.

Speaking on the issue, Vikas Wadhwa, president of the present RWA, said, “We will conduct ballot election within three years as per by-laws.”

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