Storm lays bare the illusion of safety for Dwarka dwellers

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: Apr 07, 2018

For people in Dwarka the illusion of safety was exposed by yesterday evening's storm. Fallen trees on the roads, flying tin sheds and artificial roofs spoke the story of how the lives of Dwarka dwellers come under risk in such situations. Though no fatality has been reported yet, some people suffered minor injuries and vehicles were damaged during the storm.

A biker fell down on the road after hitting a tin shed rolling on the road. Though he escaped major injury, the incident has left him completely shaken. Ajit Singh, the resident of Sector 6, who suffered the injury in his knee and palm, said, “I thought I would reach home in a few minutes despite the wind speed being quite high. My bike was running slowly and I was feeling very comfortable. Suddenly, I saw a small piece of tin flying and rolling on road coming towards me. It hit my front wheel and handle and I became disbalanced and fell down. It was a horrific and I was lucky to have escaped a serious accident.”



Ved Prakash, president of DDA, Sector 12, Pocket 7, Rihayashi Apartments, said, “The pockets near the MLU ( Mixed Land Use) markets are at risk as the markets have many tin sheds fixed by the shop owners. Yesterday, the situation was so dangerous as tin sheds from Pocket 7, Sector-12, Agarwal Plaza got uprooted from roof tops of illegal constructions. Due to that several water tanks and vehicles got damaged. Action needed to be taken to remove such tin sheds. Further, stern action is needed against the owner of that market and the person responsible for the unauthorised construction.”

“We are busy today in removing the tin sheds from the pocket by dismantling them with the help of corporation. Many tin sheds had been hanging precipitously,” said Prakash.

Today, residents of various sectors and societies shared numerous photographs of the damage caused by the thunderstorm and tin sheds lying dangerously in the area on WhatsApp groups with all the authorities. They expressed their concern for the safety of the people. “Yesterday flying objects damaged a lot of movable property in Dwarka. I am saddened to see the callous approach of the authorities regarding this. If you look at the fallen trees on the roads you can tell that they did not fall down due to the storm but due to poor look after by the horticulture authorities. The roots of the trees were clearly weak and this is only possible if the trees are not looked after properly. I hope authorities will learn something from this storm,” said AK Parashar, a resident of Sector 7.

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