Dwarka: Filth around hanging dustbins mocks ‘Clean India’ campaign
Dwarka: Filth around hanging dustbins mocks ‘Clean India’ campaign
Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: Filth around hanging dustbins mocks ‘Clean India’ campaign Hanging dustbin in Dwarka
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey

Dwarka: Filth around hanging dustbins mocks ‘Clean India’ campaign

The overflowing hanging dustbins in the market premises across Dwarka is definitely not consistent with the much publicised “Clean India” campaign. It is causing a lot of problems to the residents of the area.

Hundreds of these hanging dustbins were placed in the markets with an objective of keeping the area clean. But, the lack of garbage clearance at regular intervals has caused a lot of filth around hanging dustbins.

At many places, the scattered garbage can be easily spotted. The conditions have exacerbated with the recent drizzle which happened in the area. It is stinking profusely and people are having a tough time while passing around these hanging dustbins.

“Broken and overflowing dustbins are showing the poor monitoring and maintenance by South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC). As soon as you enter the market of Sector 12, you will get a welcome from such overflowing filthy dustbins and stinking smell,” said Sunita Arora, a resident of Sector 12.

“How could the officials make these dustbins a cause of filth when they are placed for cleaning in the area,” she asked.

Most of the people are of the view that in place of improving the situation, these hanging dustbins have become a cause for the problem.

The filth around the hanging dustbins can be seen in the big markets in Sector 12, Sector 4, Sector 5, Sector 10, Sector 6 and Sector 7.

The situation is same in the smaller markets such as Sector 2, 3, 6, 10, 7, 12 etc. Although, there are lesser number of hanging dustbins in these areas, the story, unfortunately, remains the same. They are just poorly maintained.

People blame SDMC’s indifference to the bad situation in the area. “This is surprising that the area councillors and the other SDMC officials visit the market areas but do nothing,” said RN Tiwari, a senior citizen of Sector 4.

“On the other hand, people in the market also don’t have any concern for the dustbins. This is a complete negligence on the part of the authority and also the community. They failed in getting the dustbins maintained through SDMC,” he added.

People who are responsible for cleaning the garbage have also concerns regarding the accessibility of the garbage where these hanging dustbins are placed.

“We collect the garbage daily from the dumping spots outside the market or from those dustbins which are easily approachable. However, these dustbins are placed in such locations that we find it very difficult to clear garbage from that,” said an employee of SDMC who is involved in garbage clearance.

“Also, such dustbins are fixed and often surrounded by the vehicles and encroachers. So, the access is quite difficult. Besides, we have limited time and such dustbins are hundreds in number so the whole work gets affected. Corporation has only placed the dustbins and did not think that how it would be managed for sanitation,” he added.

SDMC officials said that they have taken cognisance of the matter and will definitely do the needful.