South City I residents threaten protest over water crisis
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South City I residents threaten protest over water crisis

Sushant Lok 1 has been facing persistent water problems. Around 50,000 residents have had to depend on water tankers for the last 15 days.

South City I residents threaten protest over water crisis

Residents of South City I in Sushant Lok 1 have been moving from pillar to post to resolve the water crisis that has made life difficult for the past two weeks.

Around 50,000 residents have been dependent on water tankers for the past 15 days. If the crisis continued, they threatened protests.

According to MCG officials, the water shortage was due to one of the water motors being damaged and would be rectified by Sunday.

“Water crisis is not new to the area; there is non-accountability both on the part of the developer and the MCG. They blame each other, but what about the residents who have to suffer endlessly,” lashed out Juliet Arora, a resident of Block C.

According to residents, water supply has been irregular and unreliable over the last one month. Hence, they have had no option but to rely on the services of a private water tank operator to ensure enough supply to meet their day-to-day needs.

“There’s no backup plan in case of emergency. Despite the takeover of the water supply by the MCG, there has been no solution to our water woes,” said Neelu Sharma, another resident.

“The water infrastructure in our area is very poor — every month, some motor or the other breaks down and supply is disrupted for weeks. Topping it, houses far away from the main water line have to deal with low water pressure,” said Arul Thareja, another resident of the area.

Assuring a permanent solution to the problem soon, here’s what MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav had to say: “Multiple issues need to be sorted out in the area — the Block C pump became faulty, the C2 boosting station had an issue, the valve needed to be repaired and there was a leakage in the main pipeline from the Haryana Urban Development Authority to Sushant Lok 1.”