SDMC puts forward proposal to hike maintenance amount for parks

A park in Dwarka
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Apr 17, 2018

Aiming to provide a face-lift to parks under its jurisdiction, the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has put forward a proposal in the Standing Committee meeting of the civic body to increase the amount for their maintenance from Rs. 8,000 per acre to Rs. 13,500 per acre.

The Corporation pays the amount to RWAs who ensure upkeep and maintenance of these parks under the PPP (Public Private Partnership) scheme.

As per sources, the above mentioned proposal is set to be passed easily and RWAs will receive an enhanced amount for the maintenance of the parks in DDA pockets or in other neighbourhoods.

Mayor of SDMC, Kamaljeet Sehrawat said, “We have brought a proposal to increase the amount of the PPP scheme regarding maintenance of parks. We want to raise the maintenance amount from Rs. 8000 per acre to Rs. 13500 per acre per month. The proposal is in the house and we are hopeful that it would be approved.”

Sehrawat said that the SDMC wanted to increase public’s participation in the initiatives undertaken by the municipal body. 

“We want RWAs to be attracted towards the PPP scheme and take care of those parks also which are outside their societies but fall under SDMC’s jurisdiction,” she further added.

According to data, about 7000 parks fall under SDMC’s jurisdiction. However, the municipal body doesn’t have enough people to take care of their maintenance. Thus, the SDMC is encouraging RWAs, NGOs and other social groups to participate in their upkeep under the PPP scheme. 

As far as Dwarka is concerned, more than 300 parks of the sub-city fall under SDMC. The parks of Radhika Apartments, Sector 14 and Metro View Apartments, Sector 13 are already being maintained by RWAs under the PPP scheme. 

When questioned about SDMC’s proposal of increasing the amount under the scheme, general secretary of RWA, Radhika Apartments, Anupam Yadhovardhan said, “This is the best way to encourage the involvement of RWAs regarding maintenance of the parks. Till now most of the parks under DDA pockets are being maintained by RWAs under PPP. If the new proposal is passed, RWAs would also be able to take care of the parks situated outside their societies.”

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