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Issue of Delhi-Haryana water sharing reaches court amidst truncated supply

Posted: Apr 19, 2018     By Praveen Dwivedi

As the water scarcity problem exacerbates in national capital amidst rising heat, the battle over sharing of Yamuna water between Delhi and Haryana has again reached the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court on Thursday issued directions to the chief secretaries of both the states to appear before it on Monday.

The apex court said, “People are dying but no urgency is being shown by you people.”

Delhi Jal Board (DJB) had filed a plea informing the apex court that it was not receiving enough water for supply in the national capital.

The DJB informed the court that Haryana was supplying only 330 cusecs of water daily as against 450 cusecs per day.

The water body claimed that while the population in Delhi has increased phenomenally over the years, there has not been a proportional increase in the water supply from Haryana.

The DJB also claimed in the court that the situation would worsen further if Haryana does not release adequate Yamuna water.

The Delhi High Court had recently directed the Haryana government to follow its 2014 direction specifying the amount of water to be released to Delhi every day.

It is a surprise that the matter was escalated despite a meeting was held between top officials of both governments over the issue last week.

A week earlier, a senior official in DJB, told City Spidey that issue of water sharing was resolved in the meeting and Haryana government had agreed to release extra 150 cusecs Yamuna water to Delhi.

Low pressure of water supply from DJB has been reported from almost all parts of the city including posh residential colonies.

Recently, RWAs representatives from many residential colonies had written a letter to Delhi government, DJB and political parties seeking their attention on this issue.

The RWAs in the letters had complained that due to limited water supply, they are not able to fulfil their daily requirements.

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