Chilling! Kidnapped Gzb teenager found murdered, two arrested

Police investigating Gzb teen's death
By Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Photo: Abid Hussain Barlaskar
Posted: Apr 20, 2018

Tragedy struck the Sharma family of Vaishali, Sector 2A, Ghaziabad, when they received news of the death of their elder son on Friday. The 16-year-old student of Class IX at St. Francis school was allegedly abducted and later murdered by his acquaintances whom he had befriended recently.

Ayush had been missing since the evening of Monday, April 16 and his body was found on Friday in a deserted water hole in Eco-tech area of Greater Noida. The body was weighed down with heavy stones and was submerged under water.

Family members had lodged a missing complaint at the Indirapuram police station on April 17.

“A person named Virat Sharma called on my wife’s number on the afternoon of April 16. He said that he wanted to buy a phone for Ayush. We refused and told him that our son already had a phone. The same person then called on my son’s number claiming that he needed some help with a PDF file (e-document) and wanted to meet him. My son later on left with the person. We grew worried by 5 pm when both Virat and my son’s phones were turned off,” said Pramod Sharma, Ayush’s father.

Ayush’s father then went out to look for his son in the locality. “We thought that he could not have gone far as he did not have any money with him. We could not find him and waited till the morning. I then lodged a complaint at the Vaishali police post on April 17,” Sharma added. 

Sharma works as a manager for a Delhi based politician while his wife Anjali (Ayush’s mother) is a house wife. Sharma also has a younger son.

Police have arrested two people in connection with the abduction and murder while a third suspect is absconding. The arrested people include Vipul Singh and Avadesh alias Virat Sharma. The third accused Vishal is absconding at the moment. Ayush’s body was found following directions from the arrested duo. While Vipul (17) is a class X student who was living as a tenant in Makanpur village,  Avadesh (Virat Sharma) is a resident of Gokuldham society in Pratap Vihar.

According to police, the accused had abducted Ayush with a motive of extracting ransom money from his parents.

Police said that Ayush first came in contact with Vipul a few days ago when the latter saved him from a fight. Ayush then came into contact with Avadesh (Virat) through Vipul. Police maintained that it was Avadesh (Virat) who was the mastermind of the crime. 

“The murder took place on April 16, the same day the victim was abducted. The three suspects were taking Ayush to Greater Noida on a motor cycle when a scuffle broke out as Ayush got a whiff of their intentions. He later fell and hit his head. The accused took him to a desolate place and crushed his head with a stone. Virat reavealed that he owed money to people and had chalked the plan to pay off his debts,” said Vaibhav Krishna, senior superintendent of police , Ghaziabad. However, Ayush’s parents confirmed that they did not receive any ransom calls from the accused.

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