Waste-segregation facilities could be made mandatory for new Gzb societies

Photo: Ecosoftt.org
Posted: Apr 21, 2018

Upcoming high-rises in Ghaziabad might come with their in-house garbage segregation facilities, if plans of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) are set in motion. Developers of residential projects that are still not complete might be asked to install garbage-management facilities on the project premises.

This was revealed by DM Ritu Maheshwari, also the vice-chairperson of GDA, while discussing the schedule of the upcoming Kachra Mahotsav in the city. She is planning to enforce a clause under the Model Building Bye Laws of 2016, issued by the government of India.

According to the bye laws, buildings spread over 500 sq m must be equipped with separate bins for bio-degradable and non-bio-degradable waste. Separate disposal of different types of garbage will ensure easy segregation at the sector level.

“We are planning to implement this rule in societies that are yet to achieve completion. The project developers will be asked to set up required facilities to ensure easy disposal and segregation,” Maheshwari said.

However, Alok Kumar, president of Federation of Apartment Owners Association, felt that such bye laws generally just remained on paper. “There’s more than meets the eye. Rules are already there, but they require enforcement. The authority should have thought about these while passing the original plans of the housing projects. None of these societies have space, the builders have taken up every inch of open space in the name of open parking,” he said.

Kumar further pointed out the dismal state of independent Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) installed in the newer societies. “Most of these plants installed in Raj Nagar Extension societies are dysfunctional and made from poor-quality materials. Problems have to be solved one by one.”


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