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Homebuyers suffer as GreNo fails to complete audit of builders' accounts

Posted: Apr 22, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

Homebuyers in Greater Noida are a worried lot as despite UP government’s assurances, the Greater Noida (GreNo) authority has failed to obtain audit of various builders’ accounts. 

The UP government had instructed the authority to acquire audit of one hundred and seven builders by 30th March and submit a report regarding it. However, it’s nearly  the end of April, 2018 and audit of only thirty-three builders has been completed till now. 

Although, the authority is claiming that the remaining work will be done soon, the reality seems to be completely opposite.

Some of the builders in Greater Noida have given possession of flats to buyers. On, the other hand, a lot of flats are still under-construction. 

When Greater Noida authority’s Additional Chief Executive Officer (ACO) B.K.Tripathi was questioned regarding this purpose, he said that the audit work had slowed down a little and will be completed soon. He further claimed that some private organisations have been hired to complete this job.

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