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Noida Authority, traffic police launch crackdown against parking mafia

Posted: Apr 22, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

The Noida authority along with the city's traffic police have launched a drive against the parking mafia and the practice of issuing fake parking tickets.

First of all, the hand-made parking tickets have been banned in Sector 18, Noida. It’s been a week since electronic devices are being used to issue parking charges.

The sector has fifty-six spots reserved as parking apart from a multi-level car parking.

However, inspite of these facilities, cars are parked on the road. There have also been instances when fights have taken place among the sector’s shopkeepers and parking contractors.

A team from Noida authority, led by Sandeep Chandra, the main project engineer of the authority had surveyed the parking strips and the multi-level parking a week ago. Nearly fourteen to forty cars can be parked on one strip alone.

However, twenty parking strips don’t have the required yellow lines still and as a result, parking contractors direct people to park cars all over the road. This in turn leads to fights between them and the shopkeepers.

SP traffic Anil Kumar Jha said that electronic devices are being used to issue parking slips at Sector 18. Earlier, parking slips were issued through fifty-one machines whereas now they are being issued through ninety-one machines.

Jha further said that the traffic police is taking all the required steps to improve facilities. Yellow lines have been drawn and boards have been constructed to indicate parking signs in most of the parking strips.

Further, he said that work is ongoing on the remaining strips and will be completed within a week. The parking boards will contain the names, contact numbers and other information related to the contractor.

Moreover, Jha said that people who park their vehicles on the roads instead of the designated parking spots will also be strictly dealt with. He also claimed that the people employed by the parking contractors will be verified by the police.


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