A child is learning to make a clay pot from a craftsperson at Indirapuram
Photo: Abid Hussain Barlaskar, City Spidey
On Earth Day, tiny tots in Indirapuram learn to make clay pots and vessels

Posted: Apr 22, 2018     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

What could be more special than giving children a touch of real earth on Earth Day 2018?

Children of Cloud 9 society in Indirapuram celebrated this year’s Earth Day by making earthenware - little clay pots and vessels. Parents who accompanied their tiny tots to this pottery workshop in the society maintained that it was important to teach children that there is an alternative way of doing things- the ‘sustainable way’.

“Apart from the general benefits of using earthenware, one of the best features is that these articles are bio-degradable, can be recycled and have zero impact on the environment.

Moreover, the involvement of art makes it even better,” said Sandeep Pandey, resident of the society.

Celebration of Earth Day dates back to April 22, 1970, when millions of Americans took to the streets to demand action on environmental pollution.

This year’s Earth Day is dedicated to putting an end to global plastic pollution.

So now go ahead, take your pledge to reduce plastic use. Save the Earth.

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