ATS Advantage society
Photo: Samrat Roy
GZB: Severe water crisis in ATS society, residents struggle to meet requirement

Posted: Apr 22, 2018     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

On this Earth Day, residents of ATS Advantage, a top notch Indirapuram high rise, are feeling the heat of not having enough water in their households.

Residents of the society said that they did not have a steady supply of water in their flats for the last one week and were struggling to make do with whatever quantity of water they received during the day.

According to maintenance staff of the society, the residents are entirely dependent on Ganga Jal supplied from the Ghaziabad Development Authority.

“The problem surfaced when a water pipeline in our society broke due to high pressure. Since the line was broken, the reservoirs of our society could not be refilled. The reservoirs were sucked dry before supply could be resumed. Although the pipeline was repaired on the same day, we missed out on a day’s water supply. The regular supply could not replenish the backup storage as the water is being used up before the reservoirs were full. We are bringing in water tankers to refill the backup storage,” said Ashok Soti, senior facilities manager of the society.

Soti said that daily requirement of water in the society has increased due to summer while the supply of Ganga Jal from the GDA was not steady. “The society is entirely reliant on Ganga Jal ever since the borewells ran dry a few years back. The Ganga Jal supply is the only source of water here,” Soti further added.

Meanwhile, residents of this top notch high rise are storing water in whatever household containers they can lay their hands on. “We are using large kitchen utensils and other containers like buckets, etc. to store water. We do not have supply from 11am to 5pm. So, we store water in the morning which lasts through the day. Then we store it again in the evening which gets us through the night,” said a resident.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sanjay Jain, president of the Apartment Owners Association (AoA) said that apart from a cautionary message to residents for judicious use of water, water rationing has been put into place. Jain further said that the society requires around 22 lakh litres of water every day. “The water rationing is required to replenish the backup water storage of the society. We have an additional supply of 30-35 tankers of water from ATS, the builder. We expect to attain normalcy in another one or two days,” Jain said.

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