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Noida: To cut cacophony, residents demand sound barrier alongside road

Posted: Apr 23, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

Complaining about cacophony emanating from the busy traffic on the main road in Sector 62 in Noida, the residents of societies demanded installation of a noise barrier on Monday. The residents were of the view that once metro line will get functional, the noise pollution will exacerbate in future.

The residents apprised about constant sleep disorder, general irritation and health disorder because of the noise pollution in the area.

PR Chandana, secretary of the Mecon Apartments AOA told City Spidey that residents based along the main road are very anxious and concerned about the future inconvenience which will be caused once the operation of the metro rail gets underway.

“We wrote several letters to Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and Noida Authority, but, no one did anything till date,” Chandana added.

According to the residents, this was supposed to be a silent zone as Fortis hospital, schools and some private institutes are present in the area.

Due to the movement of heavy vehicles on the main road during day and night, residents face a lot of difficulty in sleep. Once metro gets functional, the noise level will further increase manifold.

"On the main road towards NH24 in front of Fortis Hospital, the vehicular noise pollution levels are 75db more than the permissible limits of silence zone. In Silent Zone, noise pollution level should not be more than 50db. So, I made a complaint through Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS),” Chandana added.

In January, Rajnikant, an engineer of DMRC, said that they found the level of the noise pollution at 75db.

Rajnikant added that the recorded noise pollution was only because of vehicles and after once the metro gets operational, they will again measure it. He said that the report will be submitted to the high-level officer and only after the order; they will install the noise barrier.

When City Spidey contacted to CS Mudgal, Deputy General Manager of CIVIL in DMRC, he said that in the planning of DMRC, the installation of solar sound barrier will be done so that it not only reduce noise but also generate electricity. “It will be done after the metro starts running on the tracks. A survey will also be conducted then,” Mudgal said.

Solar sound barriers are capable of cutting noise and generating electricity. It is often installed alongside roads to cut the noise from reaching its habitable vicinity.

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