People fear health hazards as used disposable plates ubiquitous in Dwarka
People fear health hazards as used disposable plates ubiquitous in Dwarka
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People fear health hazards as used disposable plates ubiquitous in Dwarka
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey

People fear health hazards as used disposable plates ubiquitous in Dwarka

Residents of Dwarka are completely frustrated over the lackadaisical approach in handling used disposable plates made of thermocol. These plates are often used during social functions and free lunches at temples.

The ignorance towards dumping of these plates is growing day by day. As a result, they can be seen lying in open areas causing a lot of environmental hazards. This is also a breach of corporation norms.

SK Singh, a resident of Sector 19, said, “Recently, a function was organised at Akshardham Apartments in Sector 19 and all the plates were dumped on the side of roads. I was surprised that those people who talk about cleanliness and environment were unconcerned about what happened. This is the irony of our system.”

The situation is so grim that planned waste management is seldom seen in the area. There is also a case that civic authorities are also careless about picking these plates when they are dumped. They cause a lot of filth in the area and also choke the flow of water in drainages.

A resident of Sector 19, PK Datta said, “Convenience of handling makes thermocol plates popular but at what cost. While using this, we tend to forget that it is harmful to us if not disposed of properly.  Quite often, incidences of the burning of thermocol have also been reported. It produces harmful gases for human life.”

“The crux lies in the safe disposal of the thermocol waste through notified agencies and more importantly by promoting public awareness about the health hazards. Harsh provisions are already in force from the civic authorities like the prosecution of those who do it,” added Datta.  

“They should penalise the people who use thermocol in free lunches at temples. People usually organise and dispose them on roads or in open. This is hardly taken care of by the civic body and the menace continues unabated,” said Datta.

The burning of thermocol plates is also rampant in the area. Concerned people have raised this issue on public platforms and social media but no headway has been seen from the authorities.

Suman Kumar Malik, a resident of Sector 6, shared some photograph with City Spidey showing how the thermocol is burnt. He slammed the Municipal Corporation for not taking any initiative to check such anti-environment practice in the area.

Arvind Rudra from sector 4 said, “People who think that they are doing social work by using such things during free lunches at temples are actually adversely affecting the society. These thermocol plates are very hazardous to the environment.”

“People must think about avoiding them and proper disposal of these plates. Also, the Municipal Corporation should ensure that such kinds of stuff are managed properly at the source level to the final destination,” Rudra added.

When contacted, officials of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) were found reluctant to act on the matter. They said that it is difficult to act on the matter as there are religious sentiments attached to it.

“We clean them and avoid any action or prosecution because we do not want the matter to escalate. The bosses should think over it seriously and encourage us to take action. But, here, the things are not like that,” said an official on the condition of anonymity.