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RESIDENT SPEAK: ‘State-sponsored pollution’ big cause of worry in Dwarka

Posted: Apr 24, 2018     By Shobhit Chauhan

Shobhit Chauhan, an RTI activist in Sector 23, said: Dwarka is often referred as a zero-tolerance zone. It means that nothing illegal or against the law will be tolerated and everything will be as per the rulebook. But, in last few years, we are witnessing something totally contradictory to what has been claimed.

Among others, the saddest activity is state-sponsored pollution. I call it state-sponsored as this situation is being caused due to the negligence of the authorities. The authorities are expected to address the situation.

Almost everyone has witnessed the widespread burning of waste in open areas of Dwarka. So much so that dry leaves and branches are being burnt in DDA parks itself. And in many cases, it’s the same place where wastes are put on fire for last 3-4 years. And, nobody in DDA cares to do something about it.

Honourable courts including NGT have directed the authorities to prevent burning of waste in open many times but nothing positive has come out in last many years.

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