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Indirapuram: Elderly woman falls to death in Ashiana Upvan society

Posted: Apr 24, 2018     By Abid Hussain Barlaskar

In what might be termed as an accidental death, an eighty-eight year old woman fell from a window of an 11th floor flat in Ashiana Upvan society in Indirapuram on Tuesday. 

As per residents of the society, the tragic incident took place at around 6.45 am.

The body of Devki Devi was found near tower 2 of the society in a pool of blood by residents who were out for a morning walk. Devi lived in flat number 1112 of tower 2 of the society. Her son Pooran Mehra, daughter-in-law, grandson and grandaughter were present at home at the time of the incident.

“Me and another resident of the society were walking outside when we heard a loud thud. We thought that it was a dog which might have fallen out of the window. Upon getting closer we realised that a senior resident of the society had fallen down. I then called the police and the other person accompanying me covered the body with sheets,” said Ajay Shukla, a resident of the society.

Family members told police that the deceased was senile and used to display symptoms such as forgetfulness and confusion among others. She was also undergoing treatment regarding these problems. They further said that Devi somehow climbed on to a household furniture, opened a panel of the sliding window and fell outside. The window is located around 3.5 feet above the the floor.

However, police is considering it as a case of accident and said that no complaint has been filed so far. The body was also not sent for post-mortem due to the senility and old age of the deceased.

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