Noida authority unveils new guidelines for PG accommodations in city
Noida authority unveils new guidelines for PG accommodations in city
Avishek Dubey
Noida authority unveils new guidelines for PG accommodations in city A PG - Representative image

Noida authority unveils new guidelines for PG accommodations in city

The Noida Authority unveiled a list of specific norms and conditions in its 194th board meeting on Thursday to curb the menace of crammed  PG (paying guest) accommodations in the city.    

The guidelines, termed as the 'Paying Guest Policy' of Noida, were unveiled for the city's PG owners and managers. However, these are now also open for review and objection from the residents.

Let’s have a look at the guidelines:

1. In the residential sectors, PGs can only be set up in buildings situated on the corner plots. The width of road running along the building must not be less than 18 metres.

2. Fifty percent of the residential space can be used to set up PGs.

3. To run PGs in any house, the owner should pay the mixed land usage tax to the authority.

4. In order to run a PG, the owner should be registered under the Sarai Act 1867.

NK Singh, Project Engineer of Noida Authority told City Spidey that in the initial stage we have made a proposal regarding a policy for PG accomodations in the city. However, once we receive a review of the proposal from the residents, we will make the final draft for this policy. 

"We are preparing this policy to benefit all kinds of people. Once the final draft of the guidelines is prepared, we will implement it in the city," Singh said.

PG owners in Noida said that tenants contribute to the city's economy. They claimed that apart from the landlords, local shop owners, grocers, auto-rickshaw drivers, etc. too benefit from them. 

Ashish Sharma, who runs a PG in Sector 20, Noida, says, "Over half of the PGs are operating illegally and without any proper documentation in Noida. However, this is due to the fact that there is a high demand for PGs in the city. There are over one lakh out-station students in Noida who are constantly on the look-out for accommodations. The hostels can only take in a limited number. Where will the remaining students go? The PGs are part of a simple demand and supply model. More PGs mean more people living here, which in turn leads to more consumption of the city's services - everyone, from auto drivers to grocers and shop-owners benefit from this."

On the other hand, the District Magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar has decided to launch a crack down on hotels, guest houses and paying guest accommodations (PGs) operating in the city without registration after April 30.

NP Singh, President of Federation of Noida RWAs, told City Spidey that the authority should clarify how much amount will have to be paid as the mixed land usage tax by the PG owners. 

“The Noida Authority should also conduct a survey to check out what sorts of problems local residents face due to the abundance of PGs,’ Singh further added.