Narender Chawla elected as mayor of SDMC, Satyapal Malik becomes deputy mayor

Narendar Chawla elected as mayor of SDMC
By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Apr 26, 2018

Narender Chawla from BJP was elected as the new mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation on Thursday whereas Satyapal Malik was chosen as the civic body’s deputy mayor. Former mayor of SDMC Kamaljeet Sehrawat (BJP) and Narender Kumar (AAP) were elected as members of the civic body’s standing committee. 

The new mayor and deputy mayor were welcomed by the outgoing team of councillors, the commissioner of SDMC, Dr Puneet Kumar Goel and senior officials. 

After being elected and taking an oath, Chawla conducted the first meeting of the house.

While speaking on the occasion, Chawla stated that he would focus on issues such as cleanliness, health, education, parking and water conservation. 

He further added that the SDMC would display amazing commitment while participating in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), launched by PM Narendra Modi.

Chawla said that he was focused on increasing the participation of common people in the development of the society.

He described parking as a major problem in the areas under the jurisdiction of SDMC and said that the civic body would request DDA to sanction them land. 
He further added that SDMC would develop a stack parking system on the basis of consultations with RWAs and Market Associations. 

As far as health issues are concerned, Chawla said that serious efforts would be made to commission dispensaries in those wards which lack proper health facilities.  
On questions regarding education he said, “I will discuss new policies with the education department so that every kid receives due attention in schools. I am committed to improving education at the primary level.”

The new mayor also said that water conservation would be the top priority for SDMC. He mentioned that the whole world was facing a severe water crisis and river systems across some of the cities around the globe had completely dried up. 

“To avoid such a situation in Delhi the people will be exhorted to conserve water. An action plan will be prepared after discussions with experts and technocrats of the water sector.”

Chawla said that SDMC would make it easier for residents' to approach officials. He further announced that a new helpline would be launched and an updated data base maintained for addressing people's grievances.

Chawla further added that he would make surprise visits and inspections to all the 104 wards under the jurisdiction of SDMC.  “I will soon start surprise inspections to ensure proper development and presence of amenities in all 104 wards.  There will be no discrimination with the wards represented by the members of opposition parties as well,” he said.

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