Open defecation by pet dogs irk Dwarka residents, add to health woes
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Open defecation by pet dogs irk Dwarka residents, add to health woes

Dwarka residents complain that despite former mayor Kamaljeet Sehrawat's announcement of levying a fine of Rs. 500 on owners whose pets defecate in the open, this problem continues to persist.

Open defecation by pet dogs irk Dwarka residents, add to health woes A pet dog

It has become a common sight for Dwarka residents to witness dog owners take their dogs out in the early mornings or late evenings to respond to their nature’s call on the roads.

Open defecation by pet dogs across the sub-city has become a major issue of concern for the residents apart from making the roads filthy. Footpaths, roadsides and neighbourhood parks stink as pets are brought here for defecation or urination.

PK Chopra, a resident of Shivalik Apartments, Sector 6, said, “Every day the morning walkers at Sector 6, DDA Park (adjoining DAV School) encounter a large number of dog owners bringing their pets for pooping.”

Chopra said that due to these practices, the park at Sector 6 has become popular as ‘Kutta Park’. “People deliberately bring their pets for peeing or shitting in this park. Only two months ago the former mayor of South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC), Kamaljeet Sehrawat had announced a penalty of Rs. 500 on owners who let their pets litter and defecate in the open. However, this park  is exempted by DDA and SDMC from the penalty.”

Residents complain that the footpaths in Sector 3, 4, 6, 10, 12, 22 and 23 are badly littered and heavily stink due to pet dogs’ poop. President of Dwarka Forum, Rejimon CK said, The problem is a basic lack of civic sense among people and Corporation’s lackadaisical approach towards this issue. Unless they take this matter seriously and penalise the pet owners, nothing’s going to change.”

Residents said that the corporation had pledged to make a mark  in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission). As a result, the officials should ensure that cleanliness is maintained within the sectors and their surrounding areas. They further added that the litter and poop around the sectors was affecting the health of residents.

“Sanitary inspectors of SDMC’s health department reach their office by 10.00 o'clock and by the time they leave for field duties, the pet dogs return to their homes, their owners leave for work and the stray dogs hide in the locally dug up burrows,  PK Chopra in a satirical manner.