Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Corporation officials get salary perks on time, for what!'

Posted: Apr 30, 2018     By Rejimon CK

Burning leaves and garbage has come to pose a severe threat to the environment in the area. And the authorities are well aware of the practise.

In summer, things are worse! Even before the season started, I ran from pillar to post, asking concerned officials in civic positions to do something about the situation. I asked them to add extra vehicles and labour force to manage the waste, so that burning could be stopped — but all in vain.

The contract for existing Tata 407 tuck expired two months back, and the SDMC didn’t think it was important enough to float the tender on time — such is their callousness! But corporation officials get their salary perks on time — for what!

Recently, I took pictures of open burning of garbage near airport.  I took pictures and sent them to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC). I also shared the pictures through Twitter and Facebook, but no action happened on the ground. 

This is really unfortunate!

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Prem Kumar Chopra

Posted 10 months ago

Why the heaps of dry leaves are not picked up in time? Why time lag in collection of horticulture garbage? Why no accountability on officials responsible for overseeing the job? These questions remain unanswered. And the process of short cut disposal of dry waste continues.......