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Ghaziabad: Change in weather causes sudden upsurge of patients at hospitals

Posted: Apr 28, 2018     By Mukhram Singh

The number of patients in the hospital has increased significantly with the change in weather. A large number of people complaining of fever, common cold, bad throat and flu can be easily seen in hospitals these days. People are queuing up at government hospitals as cases have increased.

Normally, the number of patients at OPDs of MMG hospital in Ghaziabad ranges from 200 to 275 in a day. But, in the last two days, the number of patients at OPDs has increased to 300-375 in a day. The patients are also facing a lot of difficulties while standing at long queues at the hospital.

There has been sudden spike in temperature in Delhi. People are struggling with the rising heat and also falling prey to different kinds of infections. The diseases like viral fever, irregular blood pressure, bad throat, flu, skin infection, malaria etc. are mainly caused due to shortage of water in the body and contact with infected persons.

A long queue was seen at the MMG hospital on Saturday morning. Most ladies were seen at the queue. People were either standing for them or for some other close ones.

A lady, Rajendri, while standing in the queue said that she was standing in the queue for last one hour but still her turn has not come.

Ramesh, who had come to take consultation for his daughter, said that he was standing for the last two hours but there is no sign of doctors yet.

People were frustrated as doctors were not found at their seats. Long queues were spotted outside the doctor’s rooms. Many people were constantly enquiring about the arrival of doctors but no one had answers for it.

A physician of MMG hospital, Dr R P Singh said that people should be careful and take precautions during summer. He added that people should take extra care of their food intake during summer.

Singh said that people should avoid contact with infected person’s utensils and clothes and one must contact the doctor immediately after their infection. He emphasised that people should only take drugs after recommendation of doctors.

The CMS of hospital, Dr J K Tyagi, said that the change in weather is the main cause behind sudden rise in number of patients. He said that doctors have been instructed to be present in the OPDs all the time. He added that doctors are present in the OPDs and treating the patients.

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