RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Good work SDMC, but we have a couple of more requests...'

Posted: May 01, 2018

South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has carried out beautification drive in our society at Bharat Vandana Apartments in Sector 19, Pocket 1, Dwarka . The corporation has given us the gift of a small, open-air gym at the central park.  Also, to give an interesting jungle-like look to the park, the corporation has attached animal figures to the trees.

Both the initiatives have made residents really happy. Women and senior citizens are excited at the prospect of using the open-air gym. Children, too, are curious about the dummy figures on the trees, and have been directing their endless questions to parents.  

We are thankful to the SDMC. It has done a good job, but we have a couple of requests more.

It would be great if the corporation could take measures to check breeding of mosquitoes in the park. Also, if they could just look into disposal of waste across Dwarka, things would be way better for all of us.

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