Gurgaon: Sector 14 RWA seeks removal of MCG waste vendor Ecogreen

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Posted: May 02, 2018

Ecogreen Energy Private Limited, the concessionaire for the Bandhwari waste plant and the door-to-door waste collection initiative of the MCG, has drawn the ire of residents for its ineffective ways. And now, residents of Sector 14 have formally written to the MCG for its removal.

Residents want old garbage collectors rehired, who were doing a good job until three months back.

The RWA of the sector have not only made a list of complaints, but also buttressed their claims with photographic evidence. The pictures show garbage lying unattended outside houses and at several places across the sector.

In the letter, RWA president HS Nanda complained, “Ecogreen vendors do not come daily and their boys do not pick garbage from every house. This is a serious issue and we cannot continue with [this] system. We request you to [either] remove Ecogreen or take action. We will otherwise replace Ecogreen boys with our old system of garbage collection.”

RWA members also met MCG commissioner Yashpal Yadav and joint commissioner Vivek Kalia on Friday.

Assuring the residents, Kalia had said, “We have served notice to Ecogreen and are waiting for their reply. As per the terms and conditions of the agreement signed between the MCG and the company penalty will be levied.”

He also acknowledged that complaints against the MCG-hired vendor have been gathering strength across the city.

Ecogreen has hired by the MCG in January this year for the door-to-door collection of kitchen waste in all the 35 municipal wards — it was an effort to impose a uniform system of waste collection, segregation and disposal.  

Prior to this, residents had private sanitation vendors picking up kitchen waste.

However, things didn’t turn out too well.

Umesh Mudgil, a resident, said, “We notice only one vehicle and two underage boys collecting the waste for a sector as big as ours. Waste lies unattended outside many houses for over a day. This is totally unacceptable. Why does Ecogreen not have adequate manpower and vehicles to collect waste daily and properly?”

Rajesh Kurup, general manager (operations) Ecogreen, responded, “We are improving the system and it will be resolved shortly, as more men will be engaged.”

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