RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Compost pits have been dug up... but now what?'

Posted: May 03, 2018     By AK Parashar

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation's enthusiasm for its much talked-about project of digging up compost pits in some of the parks in Dwarka was rather short-lived. Ironically, heaps of garbage can be seen at arm’s length from the empty composting pits.

It has been heard that the SDMC has run short of staff to fill up these pits.

The project began with much fanfare — the pits were supposed to receive dry leaves and other horticultural waste. It was launched in response to complaints from various NGOs about open burning of dry leaves.

I am a part of the  Mission Clean and Safe Dwarka and headed the campaign against burning of dry leaves across Dwarka and even approached the mayor on the issue.

Acting on our complaints, the SDMC was forced to dig up pits in various parks, but it had to carry the act to its conclusion, and that never happened.

Pits dug up in SDMC parks are waiting to be filled. While, making a mockery of the initiative, dry garbage continues to accumulate in close proximity. In one of the parks in Sector 6, heaps of dry leaves have been left by SDMC workers, but the team that needs to fill up the pits never arrived.

Will SDMC officials do nothing about the project when it has already begun? Will the workers get any incentives to carry out the initiative? Will the pits turn into death traps at night? Has the project been shelved because there’s a new mayor?

These are pertinent questions that deserve prompt answers. We environmental activists are waiting.  

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P K Datta

Posted 10 months ago

Sir Anil ji thanks for raising a very vital issue of public concern.Athe good work of digging compost pits by the civic authorities. As a matter of fact we are demanding our rights from them but their compulsiuons are leading them to half the job done. Here our duties start and we should seek handing over such dug up pits to the neighbourhgood community for finishing the work. Sir, the l;eaf shedding season has almost reached its end and eventually we may not be left with quantum of leafs to compost. Well begun is half done, and let us do the better half. P K Datta